Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm back! Highlights from the past weeks

One of my outfits that I wore during Springbreak. 

Celebrating my b-day with my parents at this amazing Italian restaurant at the Canary Islands. 

The pool at the hotel I stayed at during Springbreak, it was AMAZING!

Mimosa for breakfast every morning, not complaining. Life is good!

One of my best friends from Norway came to Paris last week! Here at lunch at Georges.  <3

Ready to see Drake live in concert at Bercy, Paris. 

Friday night, wine picnic by the Sacre Coeur with friends. Paris life <3

Spent Saturday afternoon at this super cute cake shop by place Monge. The green tea there was sooo good.  (The carrot cake too) 

Cakeshop, coming back here soon. 

Dinner at Chartier Saturday evening. Finally got to check the place out. 

Tried escargots for the first time. So good!

I'm back! I've been so bad at updating lately, sorry. Times flying and lot of stuff going on. Spring is finally here in Paris, and I love it. The city is so beautiful during this time. Met up with my parents at the Canary Islands for Springbreak. It was so nice, and the weather was great. Finally got to feel the sun on my body again. Last week, my dear, dear friend from Norway was back in Paris. Had a great couple of days with her. We went and saw the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs exhibition one of the days.  Went on a weekend trip to Val de Loire and saw some amazing castles, and lets not forget about the wine tasting. Sooo goood! This week has been a good one, on Thursday I went to the Drake concert. Friday I had a wine picnic by the Sacre Coeur. Yesterday, went to this cute cakeshop "Sugarplum" and had cake and green tea. Dinner at Chartier, and today I had a picnic at Jardin de Luxembourg.  No school tomorrow, so gonna enjoy my Monday.  

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