Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The week that past... snapshots!

My Kyboe Watch

Last Tuesday outfit..

My dear, dear friend Lene was in Paris this weekend. Here at Ladurée having some coffee and macarones... One of the best Saturday afternoons in Paris so far. 

Concorde on Saturday afternoon.

I haven't been the best blogger this past week, but I will step up my game. Paris Fashion Week started today.. Definitely going to check out some of the hotspots.
Bonne nuit, bisous em 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Love this! 
Getting ready for the day

Such a pretty picture.. 

I want a little black dress like this. 

Style inspiration of the day: Angelica Blick from modette.se

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday: the day to get inspired for what's coming ahead...

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Love the color of the dress & all it's details. 

Streetstyle: www.elle.com

Hello Summer 2012: weheartit.com

Words of the week.

Happy Sunday followers! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Living it up in France...

Saturday's outfit: ready to do some shopping. Love my leggings from H&M. 

Bubble-tasting at the Pommery Factory in Reims. 


Notre Dame

Had a great week so far. Went to Reims- the city of Champagne here in France with two adorable girls from the US; Stephanie&Stefanie (SS). We went to the Notre Dame of Reims, got a guided tour at the Pommery factory along with some champagne tasting. Love the bubblies. Followed by dinner and some more champagne. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursdays= no class! woohoo!

GOOD MORNING!! This is how I looked when I got up this morning. It's cold here in Paris, so had to put on my cardigan before eating breakfast. brrrr!
Finally started my day. Here at lunch . 

Ready to begin my day. Off to check out a gym and then to a make-up tutorial.

On my night stand at the moment... French fashion, j'adore!

Went to a free make-up tutorial today at the ISA office. 

make-up, make-up, make-up...... So fun!

Briana& Kina - two girls who loves fashion and make-up!

Weekend tomorrow at 6.30 PM, counting down. Had a goood day today. But the books are calling my name now. Micro-class at 8.30 AM.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Windy Tuesday in Paris... waiting for the sun to come out..

Today's look

Off to my class.. Can't wait until I don't have to use a jacket anymore.. 

It's suuuuper windy & cold here in Paris atm... Spring -where are you?? Please come soon.. Today I started my day with catching up on some homework. Had my Global Marketing class today, like it so far. I wanted to try and find a cute café where I could sit and study for my French quiz which I have tomorrow but it was too cold to walk outside.. So ended up going home. Now, I'm about to head out the door. Going to the movies to watch The Artist!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moments from the weekend..

Still dependent on the Paris Guide..  

Le metro --> on my way to Montmatre

Love this, it is so true. 

An amazing view from the top of Montmatre & the Sacre Coeur

And there was a wedding..

The beautiful Sacre Coeur

View of Paris

Had a great weekend. Met up with a friend that I know from La Rochelle on Friday. We went out for some drinks, which was followed by dancing at Le Cab with some girls from ISA.  Saturday, we went to Montmatre. I loved it!!! I'm SO going back there. One can compare it with The Village in NYC. It was filled with cute, small shops. A lot of vintage to be found, and cafés. Went to see the Sacre Coeur. Ended the evening at my French friend's party. Met a lot of cool Parisians. 
Sunday was fleamarket day, but it was sooo cold. 
Going to bed now, bonne nuit!