Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The black scarf

As you know, Parisians are famous for their fashion especially when it comes to dressing in black. You see people dressed in black all year around in this capital of fashion. I have always loved scarves, I just can never get enough of them. I remember at one point my mother telling me that I should start designing scarves since I was so determined on how a scarf should look like etc, lol.
Here in Paris, I have come to love my black scarf.. the only problem is that I have started a bad habit of losing all my black scarves... at clubs. what can I say? haha.
In Paris you will see tourist shops selling souvenirs, postcards, and lets not forget scarves for 4 euros or even better 3 for 10 euros. It's the real deal right there, haha. In the beginning, I was looking for that perfect black scarf that was not too thick or too thin, and just the right size. I was determined not to buy one of those cheap ones for 4 euros, so I bought  a nicer looking one for 30 euros. 1 week later, I manage to leave this at a club... so I bought another one, this time the 4 euro one. Was actually quite satisfied with it until I lost it at another club this weekend.  So having 3 as my lucky number, I bought my 3rd black scarf in Paris today.  Just hope that this one will go home with me to Norway in 3 weeks time.

So that was my story of today.... Other than that I spent my day at school having my last lecture in International marketing followed by going up to the top of Arc de triomphe. Great view of the city! Strolled around Champs Elysées eating a delicious macaron from my favorite macaron place: Pierre Hermé.

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