Saturday, May 12, 2012


My last weekend in Paris & I'm stuck studying.....! At least the sun is shining outside, so I have been able to go to the park nearby to get a break from reading.  On Thursday I went to the catacombs, it was something completely different from what I have seen before. Millions of skeletons way down underneath the ground. It got really hot that day, so we went around the Seine buying some last minute souvenirs to bring back home and had a nice lunch outside. I'll post pictures from that day in my next post.

Now I have a couple of more hrs of studying ahead of me before I'm leaving to Montmatre to meet up with my friend for some wining&dining.
Last Saturday in Paris.... still can't believe it! It's bittersweet.. Going to miss the city of Paris, but I'm also really looking forward to seeing my friends and family in Norway.

My mood right now.... fed up with the books!But soon Summer <3

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