Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday!! Counting down to the freaking weekend..

Zara coat, Gina Tricot jeans, Ralph Lauren sweater and scarf from Forever 21. 

Prepping for my interview... hihi

Interview, here I come. 

Me after being at the hairdresser.

Thursday = no classes! love it, but I have the worst Friday schedule. Micro class from 8.30 am -11.30 and my next class doesn't begin before 4.30 and ends at 6.30 pm.. gooosh and on a Friday... awful is the word!! 
Well, well... I guess that's life sometimes. Anyhow, today I slept in. Super nice! Went for a run, and then I had a job interview for a part time job. It went fine. I got lost on my way there, there are too many small streets in Paris.. ha! Met up with some friends from my Study Abroad program. My roots have been killing me these last days, so I decided to go to a hairdresser to get it fixed before the weekend begins. Got recommended to go to Franck Provost Studio at Les Halles. No one spoke English, so that was a little bit scary. But the results were good! Finally a "root-free" and blond Emily! 

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