Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moments from the weekend..

Still dependent on the Paris Guide..  

Le metro --> on my way to Montmatre

Love this, it is so true. 

An amazing view from the top of Montmatre & the Sacre Coeur

And there was a wedding..

The beautiful Sacre Coeur

View of Paris

Had a great weekend. Met up with a friend that I know from La Rochelle on Friday. We went out for some drinks, which was followed by dancing at Le Cab with some girls from ISA.  Saturday, we went to Montmatre. I loved it!!! I'm SO going back there. One can compare it with The Village in NYC. It was filled with cute, small shops. A lot of vintage to be found, and cafés. Went to see the Sacre Coeur. Ended the evening at my French friend's party. Met a lot of cool Parisians. 
Sunday was fleamarket day, but it was sooo cold. 
Going to bed now, bonne nuit!  

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