Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This past weekend...

Choir singing Christmas carols at Barnes and Nobles... So cute!

My outfit on Saturday

This weekend I've been occupied with a lot of school work unfortunately... But luckily, my oral project in French is about Coco Chanel. So I went to Barnes and Noble in Westlake. I love it there. Search through some literature in Fashion, which I love doing.  There's so many different biographies on Coco Chanel, but I really liked the one that Justine Picardie has written.
Saturday night was Christmas Party Night for the Norwegians who live in the Thousand Oaks area. It was a lot of fun. Christmas decorations everywhere, people making Gingerbread houses, eating "risengrynsgrøt" (Norwegian porridge) and drinking gløgg. Made me miss Christmas time in Norway.

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