Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wiksén SS13

Wiksén magazine 

photos from the model's blog: www.ahintofpeppermint.com 

The women behind Wiksén: Camilla Hagen & Rikke Wiksén. 

Last Thursday, I was lucky to get the opportunity to help out with the fashion show for Wiksén during Oslo Fashion Week.  
Their new collection for SS13 Dreamgirls is inspired by the vibes of Motown, wanting women to feel chic, elegant dressed and delicious comfortable. To create the vibe and rhythm of the 70s Motown vibes, the designer has mixed heavy fabrics as leather or jersey with light fabrics as silk, chiffon and light viscose. 
I love the beautiful shade of the color blue which they have used in some of their dresses. And the leather items are fabulous, especially the pants. 
Wiksén is definitely a brand to watch. 

Here's a description of the brand: 
Nordic chic. Fashionable chic. Cultural chic. 
Categories of chic describing the Wiksén woman.
She loves the world of literature, art, fashion and design.
Of world issues, history, politics and behavior.
She loves how it all intervenes into her daily 
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